only iphone shots allowed

dj hoolz

dj o~raj

ok, i've seen three of these little creatures

and 5 of these little critters.


flower ceremony

the kenter coaster, aka the "whoops"


yardsale starts.....now!

nice find tony

shoes: gucci
apron: stylists own, vintage

i got a circus on my wrist an a safari on my fingersss

apple flatscreen: $80
spizikes: $450
unkles: $600
hutch zubaz raiders football: priceless

all u sleepers missed out


couch: $100

oraj: chillin

tacos: tres, por favor

photography: sofies

dj: paul t

school desk: models own, vintage

bike: 750 honda by "the viking"

free dental exam with purchase

hygentist: harvey

lakers and lidocaine, the perfect combination

that game was so awesome! game 2 against orlando or something? epic.

awash & jay the jeweler

go the lakers! *
*"go the lakers" copywrite, dj harvey

yardsales are fun!

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