paradise lost

ok I fucked up on this posting all the pictures are in reverse order, so you'll actually get to see the end of my night, and then magically go back in time to the begining! oooooh!


we'll miss that little buddy...

uh, if you want me to I'll take a picture of it i will

no more pictures!

he said no pictures of him because hes dating rihanna or something....

does anyone have any canon digital (or nikon film) lens' to donate (or borrow) to the blog? we seriously need some lower f-stops here.
ok cool, thanks.
you are rad.

i couldn't match these two more if i tried



thank you for the informative clothing information paul

whoop whoop, thats tha sound of tha beast

the "purple bike"

sam fox!

sluder set a ton of these dudes free in venice....heads up

just one more song!




tom japan!

bmx rob



dewitt knox cannon (illest name ever?)
& mallory curlee

that looks really refreshing

double-mint gum

its his patio

who's the most exiled prince from burma?



you can also get fish here?

oh right, I made a little pit-stop at the OR before that
yes that is anthony washington
yes people call him awash
....yes i really know him

omg someone hit sluder! oh good I got his plates!
oh no, I can't see a letter....or is that a number!!!

3 times stolen on 3 separate incidences, 3 times recovered
its my bike people

cuz only the smoothest of faps will do

it has sensors inside the rear wheels that detect the condition of the road!


hahaha, ben drove his couch all the way home like this. r.i.p dubway

everyday....except thursday and sunday :(

it finally arrived!!! all the way from stuttgart to me!

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