return of the ninja night

mangos! mount up!

surprise rooftop entrance to the ninja gathering!

master sluder addresses the troops!

black ninjas......unite!

blue ninjas......commence intimidation!


ninja smoke bomb exit!

one of the skeleton sect!

ninjas on the move

1st attack......the dreaded rooster fish!

rooster fish....secure.


i thought i saw something near that blue wall....must have been the wind....

dealers of death

is that a hovering fanny pack?

the white ninja possesses the power of levitation!

otheroom onslaught!


how many ninjas can u fit in a cab?

oooh....ninja down!

ninjutsu goggles!

ninja rally!

a flare is fired to signal the other ninjas!

death to all!

next stop....nikkis!


ninja dance off!

ninja under garments!

stop! ninjas crossing.

to the fishco!

who is that creepy dj?!

ninjas get all the ladies.

who is that sexy bitch?!

english blokes....jasper and jez

wild thing and happy wolf

is that the actual costume from the movie? oh, rad!

its the happy newlyweds! dj o~raj and dj hoolz!

will assassinate for free drinks

sweet nothings

love is in the ninja air!

an unhappy angel

plugging the meter....not so wild.

special ninja corset!


can't wait for the honeymoon!

oooh, the first fight!

costume of the night......noah!


in the morning i made a ninja toy for my ninja kitten

caught some ninja breakfast with fellow ninjas.

oooh hello there.

cardboard kitty

then i went for some ninja brunch with non ninjas

then i went shopping for an upcoming underwater ninja assignment.

then i went to check out some ninja t-shirt samples.
le magnifique

yay! its halloween!

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