downtown doubletakes

we start in venice. i biked past a yard/art sale. only now do i realize i want that big 'S' painting.

checked out the jewelers new crow house. note the crow lurking in the background.

 what is on Jay's workbench today?

now we find ourselves downtown.


Blossom's Phở looks good....

but its broth fails.

near this building....

is my new favorite Banksy.


fixing it up

i want to join the pharaohs
powerbook parts

king blvd.

unofficial dj ace sighting

i have airplane aerosol allergies

a perplexed puppy ponders photography

dj o~raj..."the hardest working dj on the westside."

7d HD of the short-order cooks at the Nickel

this requires a doubletake...

the one on top is maple bacon


the carrots were fizzing

if u take adam's blvd, you see a lot of churches

i barely saw her as she flew by...


a day out east.

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