the van der Waals force

 Repulsive forces...

between molecules.

Multiple light scattering coupled with vertical scanning.

Three-dimensional tessellations.

 Electrostatic interaction of ions.

Structural Biology.

 A repulsive component resulting from the Pauli exclusion principle.
"Over-draft that!"

  Noble gas atoms.

 The electrostatic interaction changes sign upon rotation of the molecules.

 Thermal motion.

Symmetrical biomolecular structures.

 Quantifying destabilisation phenomena.

 Coloring guaranteed by the four-color theorem.

Collection of plane figures.

Transport phenomena.

 Surface tension gradient.

 Instrumentation systems are most revealing when cycle bandwidths exceed the actual measured cycles by a factors of 10 to 100.

 Uniform size, shape and mass distribution.

Microbial respiration.

High-density skin and a low-density core.

 The study of idealized foams.

Lightweight cellular engineering materials.

Polydisperse collection of particles.

Metal aromaticity.

 Low-barrier hydrogen bond.


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