good day l.a.

Psycho Santee killers.

Morning bike to work.  June gloom in full effect.

The only "driving" I like to do is at the range.

Every morning he is in the exact same spot, doing the exact same thing. New muse.

Yomayra at our place of work.

Genetically modified corn has been proven to cause sterility in lab rats.

 Lunch time at the French Garden. DTLA.

This artist does really good work.

Look at those letters! All these pieces are in and around the French Garden parking lot. Go check it out.

Photo session at the R&R Gallery. Make sure you check out the"Willie & Snoop" Group art show TONIGHT! Friday June 24th.

 He ended up right there.


Got bed bugs?!

 3 hot hats.

Went to the Duncan Miller Gallery to see Meghann Riepenhoff's "Eluvium" exhibit.

It was nice, but I was most interested in the Martine Franck.

Shepard Fairey with Sonny Ruscha Bjornson.

Afterwards I made it to DAAAF Studios.

Then I walked Billie.

Then Tsutomu arrived!
Just look at that epic Colnago.


Then I walked Billie again.

Good Night L.A!

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