up to this...

Just a few lost photos from the summer.  A couple b-sides and some off random rolls of film I developed. 

Rooftop BBQ. 

Two-tone Mardyks.


His new car.

Drinking and driving.

Larry Leight at A. Kinney Court.

Ethan at the Sarcastic beach party.


Gigi & Hoolz.

PT & friends.

Akeem the dream.

Back to venice. Adrian's Toyota.

John had a party.

GG & Lisa.

Mel & Ben before they moved to the East Coast! :(

Then to the oldest house in Eagle Rock.

For Ashley's birthday.

How's that turntable?

Then Shelly ate some toast...

...at the Pantry. Open for 87 years without ever closing once!

Saw a bummed out dog at the Raw Materials store.

Jacob checked out some skates.

Happy Halloween!

Another Venice night.

Did some blade browsing.

Motorcycles = Dangerous.

Nil's stopped by with a 6 pack of 1664.

Went for a walk on Main St.


Helicopters are keeping tabs on me.

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