I took these shots with an old Nikon EM. I think it has some light leak issues which is why the left and right banding occured.

Lunch with Jacob, the creative director at COMUNE.

New pizza spot downtown is awesome.

Went to a fabric development spot, East LA.

Mary & Thread.

Automated pattern cutting machine.

It sucks the fabric flat with a vacuum to keep the cuts uniform.

Kitty litter workout.

Then it rained.

Then it stopped.

This guy is ready to party.


Then went to Venice to visit the Flyin Hawaiian.
And switched back the Leica.

Oraj on his new bike.

Then went to walk Billie with Nils.

Then to the Moca to check out the Hedi Slimane exhibit.

Marilyn Manson was there. 

It was ok.

 No-Age performed.
Good Night.

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