ghost ride

this is a bouquet I made, from flowers picked on my street

this is how I dress my cassette for an outing.

oh no! xmas is over...

this is one of my favorite buildings in santa monica. it looks all puffy and cloudlike. i think it is a bank or something. :(

"It's St. Monica as in Santa Monica., the patron saint of our city. Legend has it that when the missionaries first came out here there was a natural spring bubbling out of the ground. So the Spaniards called it Santa Monica as it reminded them of her tears. This Art Deco statue was a 1934 Public Works of Art Project creation. She is quite an attraction, standing tall on a bluff overlooking Santa Monica Bay, the "Queen's Necklace". People leave flowers at her base, and light candles around her. Surrounding the statue is a patch of grass shaped like a heart."

flora viewfinder

queen of the roses

hummingbirds hungrily hover

surf is up

lost on broadway

find the old man. i swear he is in there. watering his garden...

frank gehry scary

ghost ride

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Anonymous said...

like that bouquet.an array of colors