squirell sighted, switch to stalking mode

the chase!

lincoln blvd.


ethan eyes eagerly


everyone should come surf trancas....the locals are very friendly!

el mat

la piedra

another one bites the dust

ewok sighting!

The term chemtrail is derived from "chemical trail" in the similar fashion that contrail is an abbreviation for condensation trail. It does not refer to common forms of aerial spraying such as crop dusting, cloud seeding or aerial firefighting. The term specifically refers to aerial trails allegedly caused by the systematic high-altitude release of chemical substances not found in ordinary contrails, resulting in the appearance of supposedly uncharacteristic sky tracks. Believers of this theory speculate that the purpose of the chemical release may be for global dimming, population control, weather control, or biowarfare and claim that these trails are causing respiratory illnesses and other health problems.

monarch butterfly

ethan v.s jeweler

happy jay


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Mo said...

looked like a fun day. i need to get out to the beach more