eithiopian nights

morning santa monica spraydown

papaya; out of control!

its blossom season

i like the dog-food crumbs all over your nose

stopped by Potter's ranch for some fresh grown bok choy & swiss chard

stepped back to the future for a moment...

The DeLorean DMC-12 is a sports car that was originally manufactured in Northern Ireland by the DeLorean Motor Company for the American market in 1981-1982. It is most commonly known simply as the DeLorean, as it was the only model ever produced by the company. The DMC-12 featured gull-wing doors with a fiberglass "underbody", to which non-structural brushed stainless steel panels were affixed. A modified version of the car became iconic for its appearance as a time machine in the Back to the Future film franchise.

then suddenly, a hummingbird attacked!

this posting had been brought to you by the Sweet Potato

parking lot design in a rich city

ben russell calling collect


staring Mel Gibson & Goldie Hawn

John Fincher; otheroom

then off to Benjamin Lebrave's birthday party

dj dj dj o~raj

Nana from Ghana

Awash putting in work on some birthday cake

snake skin window cover'n

happy birthday Benjamin!



dj Heid & Amy

Anthony Darnell Washington & Michael Garry Paul Selsky II


healing powers

jazz for lovers II!

bday kisses


it was partytime, and now it is sleepytime.

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