homeland security



this is one bus you wouldn't mind being late for.


tea time!

ceviche for lunch. I was told this is one of the best in the city. it was not.
the best civiche is in venice....taco truck @ 4th & rose called La Isle Bonita.


see that bird up there?

they sure don't make em like they used to

my mobile office

"Swimen 'n Women" by Sluder

Sluder is a vampire


the tripod

ribeye, roast sweet potatoes with sauteed spinach, onion & garls. special haus salad.

leftovers = steak & eggs

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Anonymous said...

Wow! good food = happy faces... Also best shrimp cocktail is on Lincoln Ave before Rose Ave. going south from SOMO its a small shack to the right if you drive to fast you will miss it. Damn forgot the name. :)