carolina & paul — birthday party

I was downtown....trying to connect the dots.

Lost in an alien landscape.

This vintage Nishiki jogged my memory...

It was Carolina & Paul's birthday!

Tell your friends!

Do not even think about going there....
Ron Moon will fuck you up 6 ways from sunday.

Carolina is basically a little Brazilian ninja.

Pinata did not know what hit him.

Oh the humanity.

Speaking of Ninjas...


Nice Nishi Nails.

Clara Consumes Carefully.


If Dj Osamu feels a need for new spectacles....
He heads on over to A. Kinney Court, and you should too.


Face time testing.

Then we went to La Cabans.

Cuz Paul likes the veggie burritos.
sooo much.

Then to oraj's to play some records.

Syndicate Vans.

We miss Hoolz!


Jaypeg Buttas...


Yay! Birthdays are fun!

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