what's for desert?

I awoke to apparent anxiety in Palmdale.

Had coffee with Brian and noticed his new tattoo.

Got my sunglasses tuned up by my dear friend Adrian at A. Kinney Court.

Look who stopped by!

On my way home I witnessed someone getting hit by a truck. It was terrible.....just terrible.

My friend Axel got a new car!

I think it's a Prius or something?

Suddenly I got the call...We were going on a last minute party trip to Palm Springs for our dear friend Moral's birthday!

And we're there! Happy Birthday Moral!

You know what they say about black guys with huge feet...

Porter with the underwater action shots.

Scar tissue and scar provider.

Ice run!

Plenty of room for balloons.

Something is definitely in the air up here.

Party supplies.

One of the most spectacular sunsets I have seen in a while.

Calvin played us a sunset tune on his micro harpsichord.

Dinner time.

Dj Heidi started the dance party off.

The happy Dj couple!

Palm Springs Art Deco at its finest.

Birthday Pinata time!

Pinata Couture.

They fucked that bitch up!

Awash went Awol.

That frog was pretty happy to be rescued from the grocery store. Best Night of his life!

Morning came quick...

I woke up in a pile of cacti.

It was time to head home from our instant vacation.

And perv out on more powerboat porn along the way.

We slowed up to check out this massive road fire, and created a huge tragic jam...

We tried to race Heidi home in her new Aston, but lost.
The End!


Heidski said...

Best Day Evuuuur!

BexSue said...

You inspire me in ways..