exterior; re-surfaced

Breakfast at Bottegs.

Nice subtle monotone mural.

Not so subtle.

 A delightfully drab door.


South Central LA.

Reverse Engineering Tea time.

 Spring St.

Olive St.

You might recognize Angels Knoll Park from the movie "500 Days of Summer".

 Probably the most photographed landmark in Downtown Los Angeles. Here is my contribution.

Delftware clad Rose Fountain in memory of Lily Disney.

 The William M. Keck Children's Amphitheatre.

 Peeling back the stainless skin.

The original finish had to be sanded down, because it reflected too much heat on the buildings neighbors.


Disney's all seeing eye.


 "When the orchestra finally got its next [practice] in Disney, it was to rehearse Ravel's lusciously orchestrated ballet, "Daphnis and Chloé" . . . This time, the hall miraculously came to life. Earlier, the orchestra's sound, wonderful as it was, had felt confined to stage. Now a new sonic dimension had been added, and every square inch of air in Disney vibrated merrily. Toyota says that he had never experienced such an acoustical difference between a first and second rehearsal in any of the halls he designed in his native Japan. Salonen could hardly believe his ears. To his amazement, he discovered that there were wrong notes in the printed parts of the Ravel that sit on the players' stands. The orchestra has owned these scores for decades, but in the Chandler no conductor had ever heard the inner details well enough to notice the errors."

 The belly of the beast.

The ride home.
Good Night.

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