For the first time in...ever....I am caught up on editing pics and posting. So, here are a few B-sides that didn't make the cut over the last couple months.

 Mole Mahi anyone?

 This is a friends place. I don't like him so much, but his place is nice.

 I rarely see 'Moonsets'.

 Los Angeles.

 Santa Monica.

 Translation: "Number 1 Market".

 'Caviar' Bar Prototype.

 Beautiful back.

 Loft hunting. "Oh, this place comes with the giant Satan mural? No extra charge? Interesting..."

Seeing the Sun was rare in Venice this summer.

 2WK moved downtown!

 My neighborhood antique book shop.

 I said 2WK....NOT K2A!! Oh well, we ate them anyway.

This picture is very symbolic...

This one...not so much.

Almost every morning looks something like this.

Red Tempered Targas are Tempting.

The End.

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