Paul T's birthday surprise!

Whisks. It's what's for dinner.

Oraj did a nice job with the surprise set-up.

Chandelier was hanging dangerously low.

Shelly prepping presents.


We totally got him.

Nice job Kelly!

Happy bday PT. The big four zero.

Still looks the same.


Osamu attempting to reach into Harvey's mind to find that mystery track.

Backyard fire styles.

O's new Klipschs.

Don't even start to kid yourself....the Jeweler is a ladies man.

A record with animals all over it.

Kelly made a killer vegan chocolate cake.

Sam Fox says, "Don't forget, it's my birthday next!"

The rookie better watch that girlie figure, now that he is in Vogue Paris.

Look what the cat dragged in....

Jasper Watts.... 

He got what he always wanted!

You only draw one eye on it!

Nils Kock

Good Night!

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