en levrette

Wilshire blvd. I like SL's.

Against the odds, survival and growth.

Mid-city miniature forest.

Billie likes it here.

 A stung stang.

South central.

Then the cat's owner came out and said, "That shot aint free!" 

 My local post office has a hater.

2 autos.

Minimal techno. 

Last purchase from Kevin at Union. 

Nice bags & Bodega.

Biking to brunch.

Little Next Door. 

Photo cred: Gigi

Later joined Nils and company for Alexis Le Tan's pop-up Scion art show. 

Le Tan, and what is Nils looking at? 

Oh! Its Lee Douglas' contribution to the arts.

Evening with friends.

Korean BBQ Goodnight!

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