ghost woods

Sometimes LA can weigh on your spirit.

Nils had a gig at the Roosevelt Hotel.

Which is haunted by the ghost of Marilyn Monroe, by the way.

We both agreed that the trees in LA are lacking.

So, the very next morning we got in the car and headed north.. to the hills. This picture was taken in Bakersfield, along the way. Bakersfield is a strange place.

Sequoia National Forest.

After a short hike...

We found some serious trees.

It was Billie's first real experience with nature. (besides the beach)
It was funny to see her instincts come alive as she was bounding through the brambles.

She really liked it.

Nils, documenting odd flora.

If I were a bear, I would make this spot my home.

Insect art.

Some of these trees were over 1200 years old!

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