T-max in Topanga

Santa Monica Mountains mist.

Full moon fun. 
Kodak Professional T-MAX Film is a continuous tone, panchromatic, tabular-grain black and white negative film made by Eastman Kodak. It is sold in three speeds: 100, 400 and 3200. The 100 and 400 speeds are given as ISO numbers, but the 3200 is sold as a multi-speed film.
The 3200 speed is actually nominally 800 speed. It has uses in surveillance and other work where it can be given a pushed exposure index between 1600 and 25000. I pushed it to 1600 for this series.

Dewitt's ranch. 

It was past Osamu's bedtime. 


Custom Alchemy Skateboard by Dewitt.

Happy Birthday Corey!!

Archery lessons.

Good night!

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