copa flashback

the order of Lepidopter

I ordered at LaOaxaquena

I popped a pill

and a tungsten bulb popped.

I stopped by my favorite store.

to see the brothers Nishimura

20,000 bars of zenbunni handmade raw chocolate sold!

Osamu finally got the ol VT out of the shop!
the Lamborghini Diablo VT, a four-wheel drive evolution of the Diablo, well not exactly, the VT stood for 'Viscous Traction', and meant that part of the power could be moved to the front wheels, when the rear ones lost their grip. It was the fastest production car in the world in 1991 having a top speed of 202mph beating the Ferrari F40's 201mph. The Diablo held the title until the Jaguar XJ220 claimed a top speed of 217mph making it the fastest production car of 1993.

then we went to some sift some thrift shops.

and got some sushi

at chaya.

pt got some new ヤクザ glasses

cold chillin

mustang flyby

see ya!

fox jewelery

dj kev

the harvey handoff


miss park


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