urgent birthday care

on this day I am this many!

I really don't have a good history with sport bikes...and on my birthday,
I low-sided this feisty little beauty...

urgent care was required!

but this wasn't the OR I was used to...

the rookie was there
in kookbox.

dr. o~raj in the muthafuckin house

echo park

birthday puppies!?!

louder please!

the rookie started off well...

the groove was furious!

urgent care — every where

nils kock!

yo, reel rude birthday bwai iyadey

the mood was good

and there was lots of food!

and photobooths!

and ladies...

and gents....in fabulous capelets!

quieter, please

movies too!

you come here!

happy birthday Darcy Diamond!



...then back to the beats





it was a lovely evening

then on the way home we stopped by a different party

what the fuck was going on here?


she was holding a pink beam of light behind her back
it was very odd.

what are these guys up 2?

and this guy was there?!

i had to leave


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