lunada bay? no way!

past the marina

past manhattan or hermosa

getting warmer

lunada bay....where we say,
"locals only"

then four rather large helicopters flew maneuvers across the bay.
i had a prime lens on, so I couldn't fit them all in the shot.

that's probably how he rolls, right?

pretty in pink

west coast chops?
I can say, I do like how the sproket is also the brake rotor.

"yay, we're a couple and we're at the transferring plants stage."

ye shall find salvation in plants.

is that a predator-pro railgun?

orange you glad

sush v.s spaghets

hey lets check the surfs.

"hey, I'm Paul T. I like to surf"

big rock

"let me just go ahead and cut this tree's branches a bit so you can check out my house some more.
oh, p.s. my house is made from dead trees"

"well, my house enjoys the shade and privacy the trees natural form offers.
...and I choose a more sustainable resourse as a building material."


point dume

it's common sense that lizards enjoy the company of flowers.

excuse me sir

"I watched the foam of water reach towards my feet only to succumb to the will of gravity pulling it through the sand. Events have pulled me and filtered me as well.
I saw my footprints meld back into the beach as waves erased their path. Emotions I've held were smoothed out today."

it is what appears to be, a very nice surfing board.

the last thing a trophy seabass will ever see.

"hey, I'm a dolphin."

"neon shrubbery and the oversize terracotta mailbox"
is my new bands name.

special sarc suitcase

the jeweler was right....it was a monster.

how embearassing.
good evening to you.

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