rogue status drift

In 2004, Maserati started production of the Pininfarina-designed Quattroporte, with the same dry sump 4.2 L engine as the Coupé, Spyder and the new GranTurismo but improved to 400 hp. Due to its greater weight than the Coupé and Spyder, the 0-62 mph time for the Quattroporte is 5.6 seconds and the top speed is 167 mph.

lets go to Long Beach and watch cars drift.

no dangerous driving violations here.

car camouflage

Scion`s drift car is based on the tC sports coupe. The factory built front-wheel drive tC turned into a drifting contender through a rear-wheel drive conversion performed by acclaimed exhaust and suspension manufacturer, RS*R. The tC shares its platform with Toyota`s Japanese market Avensis four-wheel drive and Caldina all-wheel drive, enabling it to undergo the conversion. RS*R used its extensive performance shop experience to change the tC`s stock transverse engine configuration to a longitudinal setup in order to drive power, through the transmission and drive shaft, directly to the rear wheels.

nathan & jostein

jasper watts




Bōsōzoku 暴走族 style

the legendary Crawford STi

the old school


welding lids


"university of shut the fuck up"

ken gushi

tanner foust


anodized titanium


umbrella girl montage starting now

you know its going to be fun when you have to cut a hole in your hood to fit the supercharger.


laying down some rubber

car ballet

the track is right on the long beach


hey it's Murs
peace out.

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