Pau T's got a new seat!

new fins to go deep

breakfast montage


it's the most important meal of the day.

stopped by dj....

...O~Rajs lair.

I think that's him down there manning the grill.
Oh, and there is my bike that was just stolen......FUCK!

what's under there?


Whole Food....Lincoln and Rose
to buy....

my ingrediants for the Soup Off competition.
I totally won.

checked out A. Kinney Court

said whats up to Lyss

a black chihuahua was lost

more Cast of Vices being created

i took a blurry picture for you

went into a tunnel

came out on the otherside

where are we?

grumpy dawgs

downtown. Hey! I think that is the park in "500 Days of Summer"

Jay took care of some jewelery business

I saw a cute bike

the circus is in town!



then I spilled some paint all over the sidewalk.

then got lost.

then got found!

only the illest jeweler in the world. no big deal.

then we went home

I nominate Tif & Glance for "Best Couple in Venice"
But, there is also Erica & Cal...
Kelly & Keith
Vera & Japser
Marina & Gar
Carolina & Adrian
Shanna & Ron
Trebek & the Jeweler...
it's going to come down to the wire!


Don Froth left for SF. :(
I am now the legal guardian of his fish.

then I had a night-cap
good night.

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Anonymous said...

Epic adventure day!! Love this journey :-) AM