the capitol



& canoes

It rained for a moment, but it felt nice because it was so fucking hot.

old town

DC was very welcoming to this Canadian.


"Having consumed all
The Fire economy
Seeks yet more kindling"

went to the Museum of News for a fashion & art party

cheerful bathroom tiles

My favorite Washingtonians.

Dj Capitol Punishment

Patriotic People Participate in face Painting

"Pimping aint easy" perfectly executed.

Dwayne Brice, master of ceremonies.

It's a dude!

Rumor has it, the great Coco Chanel herself, tracked and slain the elusive Pink Crocodile and fashioned this very handbag.

Sweet Chocolate City.

Good Night!


Norman said...

Hello Mike, When I met you at the Nussbaum event I had no idea I would fall in love with your work. Amaaazing! I have lived in the DC area my whole life and I have never seen a more beautiful view then through your lens.
Great Stuff!

2WK said...

Thanks Norman! U just made my day!