lost and found film

I just found and developed this roll of film. Shall we explore my forgotten day?
Looks like I made breakfast. It's not so appetizing in black & white....but it was delicious.

Ah yes. Then went to the Jewelers to see the new bike he just got.

He's datin a kiwi.

I remember taking this shot because I really like that logo.

Attended a small world peace conference...
Together we shouldn't kill!

I always make a wish for the same girl! :(

Went to Malibu to do a little spearfishing.

It took a long time to get into this tight parking spot, but saved an even longer walk down to the beach!

After all that diving, it was taco-time at La Fiesta Brava. The owner of which, recently passed away in a car accident.
He was such a great guy...
R.I.P Samuel Camaren.

What's for desert?

Sluder is an expert hacky-sacker.

As well as an expert mountain biker. Unfortunately, today was his first crash in a long time.

After, we did some shopping with Paul T.

Then I studied up on some photographers.

Cleaned my room.


Made some dinner and called it a day.

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