don't even think about partying

grapefruit is photogenic

teatime was fine

it was a beautiful day

downtown, top secret location


u.s. bank building was lit up purple & gold for the Lakers victory


setup for the party of the year was well underway...

sarcastic fantastic

suddenly the LAFD called and put an end to everything.

twitter update: 

"we are sorry to inform you that the party for tonite has been cancelled!! booooooo.

based on a tip-off from some unknown individual, the Los Angeles Fire Marshall showed up to the event location at 9:30 this evening and proceeded to shut down the party preparations before things even got going. unfortunately, this is something that is beyond our control, but hey, these things happen. you can thank the LAFD and whoever felt the need to kill everyones buzz who wanted to have a good time at the party.
anyway, thanks for everyone's support of some great HSD parties in the past! we may be down but we're not out.. we will be having another one sometime soon.. so we hope to see you all again soon as well! stay tuned.. for the future."

fuck you haters!

anyway. no party. back to the Harvey hideaway.
check out my photos of harvey that just got published....oh yeah!

maybe that record would have been played this evening...who knows?


sam fox.

good night. there is always next time...

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Mo said...

such a fucking buzz kill. LAME. come out to nitty gritty some time. xo