coachella part 1

11:58pm, friday night....lets go!

yay it runs on bio-diesel! love that french fry exhaust smell.

this aint a good deep thought moment oraj.

palm springs!

nighty night.



lets go check out this anthem mag party.

this aint waiting in line.

wooooo spring break!

look how dirty that pool water is.....no thanks!

hes been planning this shit for years.


bjorn is 2WK's newest team member, he carries my backup camera and whatnot.

"in my eyes you are god"


woooooooooooo.......MTV dance party!

this style is called, "i've seen the mgmt album cover"


billy, the founder of our mammoth adventure...respect.

nice thigh separation.

nice side boob.

nice form.

cigarette technique for days.

hey buddies!

beautiful basking ballerina.

supple saturated siren.

my magic erasure tool isn't big enough for the guy in the middle there.

check out the pipes on that shadow....nice.

"our motorhome is thiiiiiis big!"

never not riding horses.

to the main event please!

turbo negro sailor hat.

ill take it, but I prefer a fastback.

shino & akeem from tokyo!

no "professional" cameras allowed inside.
highlights are:
gang gang dance, turbo negro, and the chemical bros.

strait from the concert to frank sinatra's house.

marilyn monroe skinydipped here.

get some sleep, big day tomorrow...