summer days

Summer is here and I have been busy neglecting the blog. I have been shooting a lot of black and white film and learning the craft of developing at home. This post is quite large, I hope it makes up for my time off. 

I got a new job! Here is the facade of the new office.

I woke up Sluder one fine morning and we went for a stroll.

We had a meditation session in this alley...which was the scariest place I had been in a while. 

Checked out some churches. 

Spied on the LAPD as they ate lunch. 

Los Angeles Design. 

Saw some cool skirts in Little Tokyo. 

Ate some sketchy sashimi salads.

Worked out in the Comune yard. 

Peered a classic stash. 

Nice jag. 

Finished up some work. 

Checked in the Hotel La Jolla on 6th Ave. I do not advise doing this. 

Notice the ladies of the fence that disapprove of smoking rocks. 

Where are all those policemen going? 

Oh... to Sam's Hof Brau!

Nap time at MacArthur Park. 

Too hot to cut the lawn. 

Got our taxes taken care of, and then got a high score on Ultimate Fighter. 

I've taken a picture of this guy before...

I took some pictures in here before...

Took a picture of this clean Datsun wagon for Osamu.

Took Billie shopping for a nice new piece of grass.

 Saw this guy.

And this guy! 

And this guy! 

And this guy!! 

Went shopping in DTLA. 

For all the latest big size fads. 

I went for a cruise with my lady.

And saw some interesting people along the way.

Like this guy. 

And this sexy lady. 

And oh! New speaker boxes. Free of charge.

Walking dogs.

Cats are weird!

He's the best.

That's how Billie rolls. 

To the Flea Market. 

Relics. I should have bought that plaque. 

And that.

 It still gets chilly when the sun goes down.

We met up with Caroline. 

And Neil.

And we all went to the last night of Art in the Streets. 


Paul T & Aaron. 

No Age played. 

And we had some drinks. 

Kids made motion animations on turntables.

Art on Bus in the Streets. 

Had some food and called it a summer night.