the cloud temple

get away from it all...

coffee is better out of vintage gucci porcelain


i miss someone :(

omg attack dogs!

elephant foot


oraj healing

died of natural causes

oranges fall from the tree, then migrate under the trampoline

biggie & goji



recent chain of events

i went to the fluxus store

heidi was djing!

then i went back to venice

and osamu was spinning! oh, and there is billy goods!

well hello... its sam fox!

every sunday night at the townhouse

then i went to sleep.

then I went downtown. you might say it's a little polluted downtown.

but the trojans are there!

then i got dizzy...

nils made sure i was ok

cuz we had a test shoot. but it wasn't working out.

i just wanted to nap like a cat

then harvey played something new

then back downtown

to little tokyo to check out some magazines

and bikes

and spaceships

the california dream

then i buzzed someones door...

and we went for a ride in the rain

to get some margaritas!

still raining...

happy birthday eric!


then i had an internet meeting with o~raj to discus politics
the end.