n.y. intermission @ stephi's

first you have to check out the basement!


this place was soo creepy I thought I was going to def get some apparitions on film

like..."oh hey there mr. creepy picnic basket!"


lets get outa here!

shophie has the illest pad in new york

trampoline coffe table "check"
courtyard view

paint swatches "double check"!

hey little buddy!


swatches are one of favorite things ever

tk maxin

and everyone was right, the pizza anywhere in new york is off the chains.
cheese please!


new york — part one

road trip!

wrens? some guy at a rest stop told me the British brought them here. then I said, "those damn British!" and he laughed.

i think this was snookie in her hot new vette

The New York metropolitan area had approximately gross metropolitan product of $1.13 trillion in 2005, making it the largest regional economy in the United States and, according to IT Week, the second largest city economy in the world. New York controlled 40% of the world's finances by the end of 2008, making it the largest financial center in the world.

i had never been to new york

it was pretty surreal

empire state building





lets go eat!

the otheroom has 5 locations nationwide.

battery park

have you help Haiti.

thank you Alex Calderwood for your ace hotels

omg it's aureta from aureta.typepad.com!

lets go to stephi's place

to be continued!......