billy goods birthday bash

dj o~raj and jay the jeweler was there

pb & d

peanut butter wolf feat. wolf on shirt

me too!

liquid kitty

the return of the crime wagon


where everybody knows your name

thats mat

dj jeweler makes the girls cry....
is that a damien hirst? sick!


anthony "the ninja marine" washington

o~raj aint no ninja

five finger for five rings, the book

i see creatures and faces in the smoke

more here too!

im printing this one huge. it might be up for sale at the 2wk show soon. HUGE!

little whisper buddies

silly shaving spencer

this is what happened to his hair follicle

the jeweler crafts some very fine equipment

another "birthday theme" shot.......



another party this weekend (saturday june 27th). the address will be posted friday evening here


dj paul t & dj harvey @ deep!!!

i think you've waited long enough for these little buddies

if we drive this dj somewhere, maybe he will play us some beats

massage the mixing hand!

handsome harvey in helmet

the beat machine

dont fuck with paul t or he will choke you out

you got that?

a sara story!

everyone knows sam fox!

yes it does


sam flores drew pauls hands......for real

happy guy


what are you looking at jay?

sweaty chiax

apparently you can't take pictures of timmy regisford

that's dj o~raj right there

dance......everybody dance!

he commands you to do so

pretty pink pattern

maximum stare, minimum dance

curly buddy

elusive buddy

the student ponders the master

sha blam!

sam foxy

legendarily sarcastic


2wk intern jubilee


paul t schooled this cat in a dance off earlier




everything happens for a reason, even these blurry light swirls on my memory card
mad deep son

this is where the after party is



rad pants

good day to you