westcoast fade

 Uptown fade mural. Metro Station, Wilshire & Western.


Cleaning the floor, Little Tokyo. 

 Crochet flowers on fence, Little Tokyo.

Fast forward through all the lame LA traffic to Sam & Harvey's. 

K & GG. Well dressed young ladies.

Snacks, and a scrappy dog. 


That scotch waited 12 patient years for this moment.

The Venice hues. 

Know your pistols.


More instagram on the way to Wurstkuche Venice, for Joseph Pitruzzelli's birthday.

DJ Osamu feat. eyeliner. 

Good Night!


LA vs war

I hung my camera out the window on my drive home from work. 

LA didn't seem that into war.

Well, maybe a little turf war. 

 Civil civilian. 

I really like that little window sticking into the frame in the upper left. What is that thing all about?

It was friday night!

We went to east LA. 

This lady had her baby involved in her strange performance art. The kid was not feeling it...it was borderline child abuse. 

Our friend Kelly did some curating at the LA vs War art show, so we went to check it out.

This was my favorite piece of the show. 

No wait, this was. 

Kelly & PT.

War needs fuel. 

So afterwards we went to Jiros.

Classic vs Modern. Italian vs Japanese.

 Campagnolo BMX.

Speedy Gonzales was my favorite cartoon when I was a little kid. 

Sunny Side Up setup. 

And the missing record was found. 

I just got into the fabric racket. Hit me up if u need some polyester. 

Got home and took Billie for a walk.
Good Night.