elvis lives!

We went for a drive.

To Virginia maybe?


Saw a "vintage" car for sale...

But then remembered that Jay the Jewelers '66 Lincoln is on Ebay!


The opposite of a mausoleum, a tree-house.

Watch out.

Are you lonesome tonight?

You're the devil in disguise.

Maryland blue crabs?

Little buddies!

Then we drove back the the city.

But stopped to check out some purple desert boots. Too craze? Yea...too craze.


Japanese whisks & a McQueen ring.

Best ice creme ever? Of course it's coconut.

Then we made some new friends!

Good Night!


the capitol



& canoes

It rained for a moment, but it felt nice because it was so fucking hot.

old town

DC was very welcoming to this Canadian.


"Having consumed all
The Fire economy
Seeks yet more kindling"

went to the Museum of News for a fashion & art party

cheerful bathroom tiles

My favorite Washingtonians.

Dj Capitol Punishment

Patriotic People Participate in face Painting

"Pimping aint easy" perfectly executed.

Dwayne Brice, master of ceremonies.

It's a dude!

Rumor has it, the great Coco Chanel herself, tracked and slain the elusive Pink Crocodile and fashioned this very handbag.

Sweet Chocolate City.

Good Night!