legends of the stahl

1.  Checked out Evelyn Ackerman at the Craft and Folk Art Museum.

Jerome and Evelyn Ackerman are American designers, married in 1948, who played roles in the aesthetic of California mid-century modernism.

 Yarn Forest.

2. Went up to the Stalh House.

Case Study House #22, aka Stahl House, is a modernist styled house in the Hollywood Hills section of Los Angeles, California that was designed by Pierre Koenig. Photographic and anecdotal evidence suggests that the architect's client, Buck Stahl, may have provided an inspiration for the overall structure.
Built in 1959 and part of the Case Study Houses program, the house is considered an iconic representation of modern architecture in Los Angeles during the 20th century. It was made famous by a photograph by Julius Shulman showing two women leisurely sitting at a corner of the house with a panoramic view of the city through the floor to ceiling glass walls at night. The house was used in numerous fashion shoots, ad campaigns and at least five films.
In 2007, the American Institute of Architects listed the Stahl House as one of the top 150 structures on its "America's Favorite Architecture" list, one of only 11 in Southern California.

 Current Residents.


Touch Screen Range.

Buck Stahl had it all.

Fogging up the place.

3. Tacos at El Carmen.
Good Night!


commotion at the melrose project

Obsolete Gallery hosted a lovely little event on Melrose.

Dj Osamu, the master of ceremonies.

Cute couple alert.

Reggie Casagrande (right)

This guy has a serious saph infection.

Absolute Obsolete. 


 The Melrose Project is across the street from the Pacific Design Center.

 Outfit of the night.

This guy didn't like Oraj's jams. 

So he turned up more better volumes. 

Spectacle Sniper! 

Photobomb 1...

... and 2.

Daniel Boone marathon interrupted by concerned mother.

I don't know his name but I feel like he is the villain in every movie...ever.
Update....Michael Wincott! (Thanks Paul T)

Beer bottles all over a $60,000 table.....priceless.

Good Night!