the van der Waals force

 Repulsive forces...

between molecules.

Multiple light scattering coupled with vertical scanning.

Three-dimensional tessellations.

 Electrostatic interaction of ions.

Structural Biology.

 A repulsive component resulting from the Pauli exclusion principle.
"Over-draft that!"

  Noble gas atoms.

 The electrostatic interaction changes sign upon rotation of the molecules.

 Thermal motion.

Symmetrical biomolecular structures.

 Quantifying destabilisation phenomena.

 Coloring guaranteed by the four-color theorem.

Collection of plane figures.

Transport phenomena.

 Surface tension gradient.

 Instrumentation systems are most revealing when cycle bandwidths exceed the actual measured cycles by a factors of 10 to 100.

 Uniform size, shape and mass distribution.

Microbial respiration.

High-density skin and a low-density core.

 The study of idealized foams.

Lightweight cellular engineering materials.

Polydisperse collection of particles.

Metal aromaticity.

 Low-barrier hydrogen bond.



rub-n-tug party!

Saturday, Feb 5th. Partytime in Los Angeles.

For Location, check:

See you there!


the golden west

Met up with Paul T. on the west side.

 Got some food.

 Had some drinks.

Being stalked.

Checked out some Sarc.

Good Night.


lbc flea

Morning Hike.

Then drove down to check out the drama in the LBC.
The Long Beach Flea market that is.

A Prince Albert is only $4!

 Ages: 8 and now.


Flea-market Incarnate. 

Suitcase stable.


Have a great weekend!