my blurthday

Some pictures from my birthday.
Was the first time using this camera and vintage lens combo so there is a great deal of "focus shift"...
Or, I was just drunk.
Get the original Bratwurst. 

Osamu was there.



 PT, checking the weather.

Blurfect couples...
Ben & Mell

...Neil & Caroline!

Check out Neil's adventures:


Caroline makes the best cupcakes in the world!

Jay the Jeweler

Next Stop....

M Bar! The funnest place on earth.

Paige, blurring it up.

 G & Tiffany.

 Focus Shelly!

Good night!


100,000 hits.

Since I installed the counter 1 year ago, today 2WK hit 100K.
Celebratory Mix by the infamous DJ Osamu. Enjoy!

   2WK 100,000 Hits by dj osamu

the birthday of adrian mardyks

A. Kinney Court

Birthday Boy (center)

Dr. Dunks & Dj Osamu.


Survivor John & Geoff Hunt.

Paul T

Adrian with the Twins Nishimura.

Becca Moon

Jay Le Compte.

Chris Candy ponders.

 Mark Gainor just realized that he doesn't like lowercase Baskerville.

Gigi Lam

 Happy Birthday Adrian!